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“FATIGUE”, bronze, H11”x W11,5”x D5”

“DEPRESSION”, bronze, H20”x W24”x D16”

“SLEEP”, H10”x W7,5”x D4,5”

“THINKER”, bronze, H10”x W7,5”x D4,5”

“THROWER”, bronze, H11”x W18,5”x D3,5”

"ALBINONI'S ADAGIO”, bronze, H20,5”x W5”x D4"

“PAN-PIPE MUSIC”, bronze, H19,5”x W5”x D4,5”

“DANCING AMAZON”, bronze, H19”x W3”x D4,5”

“AMAZON”, bronze, H20”x W3,5”x D5”

“RAPTURED BY THE SKY”, bronze, H21”x W4”x D3”

“RULER”, H11”x W14,5”x D4”

“OBSERVER”, H8”x W12,5”x D4,5”

“ARCHER”, H9,5”x W10”x D4”

"IDOL", H13" x W5" x D6"

"AWAKENING", H11.5" x W7" x D4.5"

"SILENCE", H15"xW5.5"xD4"4.5"

“ORPHEUS”, H13”x W5.5”x D5.5”

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